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Square clothing is a small clothing company based in the south of France with a passion for fashion (rhyme not intended) we strive for quality and therefor we choose quality over quantity any day. Our all be it limited stock will not leave you disappointed in terms of quality and comfort for everyday wear. Our labels our hand sewn into each item of clothing as to add that personal touch,  logo designs are all created from the home of "Square Clothing" that is Angouleme.

All Our clothing is ethically sourced and GOTS certified (Global organic textile standard) with climate change being an all too real issue we source clothing that is 100% organic cotton and recycled materials.  our slogan "All Equal" as are the sides of a square is our message we aim to push globally. 

IMG_2411 2.HEIC


As a company we will strive to a have a quality over quantity attitude in order to lead by example for our future generation. We aim to show the world that small everyday gestures can have a BIG impact!


"It doesn't matter where you come from. You can show the world that nothing is impossible."

-Nirmal Purja- 


Square will strive to fight the good fight and ensure to make the world a better place than we found it.  We will also look to change the mentality within the retail industry of quantity over quality and work with local industries.

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